Find Nutritional Information For Hundreds Of Recipes

You can search our Recipe Bank for any combination of nutritional information you require including allergens, calories, fat, sugar, salt, protein, vitamins and minerals.

You can find answers to the following questions:
Are Jamie Oliver recipes as healthy as supermarket ready meals ?
Is there a lot of salt in Delia Smith recipes ?
What is the nutritional content of Jack Monroe recipes ?
How much sugar is in Gordon Ramsay recipes ?
How much protein is in Rick Stein recipes ?
How many vitamins are in Ottolenghi recipes ?
How much fat is in Nigella Lawson recipes ?

Plus recipes and nutritional analysis from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, James Martin, Joanna Farrow, Raymond Blanc, Simon Rimmer and Teresa Dupay.

If you have a favourite recipe for which you would like to know the nutritional breakdown, email us and we will analyse it for you.

Recipe Listing
B-Fish kormaJack Monroe
C-Stuffed beef tomatoesSimon Rimmer
B-Griddled pork chop with Thai red cabbageJames Martin
Aubergine and chickpea curryJack Monroe
Hazelnut and parmesan crusted chickenJames Martin
Baked stuffed applesTeresa Dupay
C-Veggie carbonaraSimon Rimmer
B-Flourless chocolate cakeRaymond Blanc
C-Crab rice paper rollsSimon Rimmer
C-Spiced fish omeletteSimon Rimmer
Eggs arnold bennettJames Martin
Smoked mackerel kedgereeJack Monroe
B-Mackerel pate with salad and breadJack Monroe
B-Baked scallopsRaymond Blanc
Grannys toad in the hole with my mums onion gravyJames Martin
B-Mince pie crumbleJack Monroe
B-Mexican chocolate, chilli and black bean soupJack Monroe
B-Ice box cakeJames Martin
B-Frozen yoghurtJack Monroe
B-Fish TagineJack Monroe
Homemade marshmallows with chocolate sauceJames Martin
B-Chocolate macaroonsRaymond Blanc
B-Chocolate Raymond Blanc
B-Campagne loaf (or beer-topped rolls)Raymond Blanc
Curried eggsJack Monroe
B-Brandy butter and white chocolate ice creamJack Monroe
B-BBQ sea bassRaymond Blanc
B- Chicken liver parfaitRaymond Blanc
B-Toasted pitta bread topped with chunks of fried sardine and a runny eggJack Monroe
Beetroot feta and lentil saladJack Monroe

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