As I’m sure you are aware, good nutrition is of paramount importance for your resident’s well-being.

Unfortunately, through no fault of their own, the chances are that your staff are not quite as well-informed as they could be about the nutritional content of the food that they prepare.   Indeed, even professional chefs get little, if any, nutritional training as part of their professional qualification.

It is particularly important that your chefs and cooks are fully-aware of the nutritional and allergen content of the meals that they prepare in light of the EU FIC Legislation covering allergens in food that came into force in December 2014.

If you would like more information about the legislation and how it will affect your Care Home, you can read it here.

Therefore, I have created a one-day hands-on workshop for Care Home chefs & cooks that I will deliver in person to your staff in your own kitchen.


The workshop will include:

Introduction to the importance of healthy catering in Care Homes and how it can result in reduced prescription of food supplements by GPs

Catering for residents suffering from conditions such as:

  • Dysphagia
  • Dehydration
  • Diabetes
  • Malnutrition
  • Dementia

Suggestions for improvements to your current menus Recipe suggestions for residents with special dietary requirements such as allergies

How to create tasty and nutritious recipes with the help of tools such as MenuAnalyser

How to create daily preparation sheets

Practical cooking sessions that will include:

  • Creating cake recipes suitable for diabetics
  • Nourishing soups and purees suitable for residents with dysphagia
  • Fortifying meals for residents in order to prevent malnutrition
  • Making food more appealing to residents suffering from dementia

Your Staff Will Get:

  • Increased confidence and job satisfaction
  • Handouts on understanding nutritional information on food labels
  • Summary notes on the topics covered in the workshop
  • A certificate for each participant

In addition, I will provide you with a full report from my findings on the day that will include general feedback and my suggestions for efficiency improvements in and around the kitchen.

Recent Case History

I recently delivered the workshop for three cooks in a Kent Care Home.

One of their objectives was to create a full week’s worth of dysphagia recipes, which the cooks successfully achieved during the day.

We also tweaked their four-week rolling menu in order to increase the variety and to ensure that there will be a cake available every day for the enjoyment of the diabetic residents.

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