The Shape Of Things To Come

When your customer buys food from a retail outlet, the nutritional information is clearly printed on the label.

And it has to be by law.

However, when a customer steps over the threshold of your restaurant, he or she is on their own as far as getting information about the nutritional content of the dishes on your menu.

This is neither fair nor reasonable. And your customer knows it.

Your Chef Cannot Be Expected To Be A Nutritionist

With the best will in the world, your chef cannot be expected to have the in-depth knowledge of nutrition and food science that would be necessary for him or her to know the precise nutritional composition of every dish that they create.


Are You Killing Your Customers?

When one of our customers first saw the MenuAnalyser reports highlighting the amounts of saturated fat and salt in one of his most popular dishes, he exclaimed ‘O my God, we’re killing our customers!’.

Since then, the chef has greatly improved the nutritionals for his dishes through portion control and ingredient substitution.

Not only have the dishes become nutritionally more balanced, they are also cheaper to produce.

The dishes in question are as popular as ever. In some cases, even more popular than before.


Your Nutritionist In A Box

One way of analysing your dishes would be to engage a qualified nutritionist or dietician. However, this could prove to be a very costly exercise.

A much better way is to provide your chef with access to MenuAnalyser where he or she can perform accurate nutritional analysis of their dishes at the push of a button.

If you decide to change the ingredients in a dish, the nutritionals will be updated for you automatically.

You can also generate a Nutritional Report at the touch of a button: 

Nutritional Report

Analysis of your recipe displaying the calorie content together with the major nutritionals

See A Sample


How You Can Use This Information

Perhaps you would rather not display the nutritionals on your menus. That is perfectly understandable. However, there are several other ways that you can use the nutritional information that MenuAnalyser provides you with.

Selected Healthy Options

You may choose to create certain dishes on your menu with the health conscious diner in mind. In this case, you may choose to display the nutritionals for a selected range of your dishes.

Educate Your Staff

You could also use the information to educate your waiting staff in the nutritional values of your menu items. This will enable them to provide improved levels of service way ahead of your competitors. And your customers will notice.

Provide Nutritional Information To Your Customer Via Smart Phone

MenuAnalyser generates a unique QR Code for every recipe that you enter, which will enable your customer to view the nutritional report for any of your dishes via his/her smart phone.

QR Codes are a very popular and easy-to-use method for providing customers with extra information and is the perfect way for you to provide nutrtionals in a subtle way.

You can read more about QR Codes and how they can enhance your business here.

Comply With Government And EU Directives

Section 2572 of the US Health Care Bill, passed in March 2010, includes legislation that requires restaurant chains with 20 or more branches to provide nutritional and calorie information for all their menu items.

This is just the beginning of legislation, not only in the United States, but also in the UK and the European Union.

For example, the UK Government sponsored ‘Responsibility Deal’ launched in March 2011.

The Responsibility Deal required participating restaurant menus to display calories, trans fats and salt information on their menus by September 2011.

It's No Longer Costly To Comply

Previously, this would have been a costly exercise because it would have required the services of a qualified nutritionist or dietician. Furthermore, the nutritionist or dietician would have had to be called upon whenever the menu was changed.

MenuAnalyser gives you the ability to generate all of this information yourself thereby enabling you to comply with the Responsibility Deal as well as any future legislation without the potentially costly overheads.

Set High Standards

Being a part of the Responsibility Deal enables you to set a high standard in your sector and send a very positive message to your customers and suppliers.


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