What are Molluscs?

First of all molluscs are a type of shellfish. As from December 2014 molluscs fall into the one of the 14 allergen categories. Molluscs are; scallops, squid, clams, oysters, snail, abalone, mussel,...


Mustard Allergy, well I was surprised to see this on the allergen list. However, mustard allergy is considered as one of the common among all other food allergens. Toady is has become a serious growing concern among all...


Eggs are the most common allergy among children. Its symptoms usually occur in a few minutes and may vary from mild like rashes, vomiting, nasal inflammation, and hives to severe anaphylaxis. Its symptoms are quite similar to...


Celery is a well-known tasty vegetable made mostly of water. It is green and contains few calories and is mainly known for its crunchy, roots, leafy stalks as they are used widely in flavouring food throughout the world. They...

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