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Facts About Molluscs Allergy


What are Molluscs?

First of all molluscs are a type of shellfish. As from December 2014 molluscs fall into the one of the 14 allergen categories. Molluscs are; scallops, squid, clams, oysters, snail, abalone, mussel, octoups, cockle, cuttlefish,limpet and whelks. 

The consumption of seafood has gradually increased over the last couple of decades. This is because people have become concerned about their health and have realsed that eating seafood is a good alternative to meat. It contains Omega-3, which is good for your health. According to a report, fish oils are really advantageous in various health department including to help prevent cardiovascular disease, neurological development, proper immune functioning and also assists in preventing cancer. Also, seafood contains much less saturated fat in comparison with meat.

Seafood allergy is more common in adults than children. Let's look at mussel allergy. If a person who is allergic to mussels eats one, their symptoms are very severe. They quickly, become dizzy, abdominal pain, tingling in the mouth, vomiting and even hives appear on the body.

Always be prepared

Eating an offending mollusc can be very dangerous or even deadly.

I am currently putting together a 'Mollusc Allergy Report', which you will be able to download from our website, very soon

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