Recipe Details
Title Barbecued fruits
Author Rick Stein
Portions 4
Created 16th February 2015 09:57 am
Weight (Per Portion)

One portion of this dish weighs approximately 362.00 Grams

Recipe Ingredients
Ingredient Quantity Allergen Warnings
Pears4 Medium
Sugar, granulated3 Tablespoon
Lemon, juice45 Millilitre
Sugar, icing1 Tablespoon
Creme fraiche2 Tablespoon
Apples, eating, Cox's Pippin, raw4 Medium
Special Dietary Requirements Suitability
Allergen Warnings
Nutritional Information (Per Portion)
Nutrition %GDA Range
Energy Kcal 229
Protein 2.98%
Other Carbohydrate 0.35%
Sugar 56.08%
Fat Saturated 10.19%
Fat Unsaturated 1.75%
Fiber 27.80%
Sodium 1.88%
Salt 2.39%
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Recipe Method
1. Place the pears and apples in a large bowl, both cored and quartered. 2. Sprinkle over the sugar and the lemon juice. Using clean hands or a large spoon, toss the fruit in the sugar and lemon juice. 3. Skewer the fruit alternating the pear and apple pieces. Place on a hot barbecue or griddle and turn until the fruit is softened and the sugar has caramelised. 4. Dust liberally with icing sugar and serve with cr