Recipe Details
Title All in one baked vegetables
Author Delia Smith
Portions 4
Created 16th February 2015 08:38 am
Weight (Per Portion)

One portion of this dish weighs approximately 357.00 Grams

Recipe Ingredients
Ingredient Quantity Allergen Warnings
Carrots, young365 Gram
Parsnip, raw365 Gram
Potato, red, flesh and skin, raw350 Gram
Onions, raw1 Medium
Bay leaf, dried1 Unit
Salt, sea1 Pinch
Pepper, black1 Pinch
Celery1 Bulb/Head
Thyme, fresh20 Gram
Rosemary, fresh20 Gram
Vinaigrette, French, homemade5 Tablespoon
Special Dietary Requirements Suitability
Allergen Warnings
Nutritional Information (Per Portion)
Nutrition %GDA Range
Energy Kcal 301
Protein 10.10%
Other Carbohydrate 14.52%
Sugar 16.13%
Fat Saturated 14.33%
Fat Unsaturated 22.65%
Fiber 41.06%
Sodium 3.41%
Salt 3.67%
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Recipe Method
et a good coating quite carefully so as not to break the foil.