Working with your Care Home  

Good nutritious food is vitally important for your resident's well-being

Is The Food Well-Balanced?

How can you be sure that the food you are serving is nutritionally well-balanced?

Too much salt?

The wrong kind of fat?

Too few essential vitamins and minerals?

Special Dietary Needs

What about residents with special dietary needs such as those with allergies?

Malnutrtion & Dehydration

How can you make sure that malnutrition and dehydration never become an issue in your Care Home?

You can't be expected to know the nutritional content of every ingredient in your kitchen

Complete Nutritional Analysis

MenuAnalyser can provide you with complete nutritional analysis for every meal that you serve to your residents

Not only will your chef have the satisfaction of knowing that he is serving tasty and nutritionally-balanced food, your resident's relatives will have increased confidence that their loved ones are getting the exceptional care that they have come to expect.


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