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What Is Coeliac Disease?


A person with coeliac disease is someone who cannot tolerate gluten. A coeliac will have an adverse reaction if they eat wheat and related grains rye and barley. It is the protein in the grain gluten that causes the immune system to produce antibodies that attack the delicate lining of the small intestine. At present, the only way to treat someone with coeliac is to eliminate the foods that contain gluten, namely any food containing wheat, rye and barley. I would also like to point out that oats in a gluten-free diet has been debated for many years. Although a lot of children and adults can tolerate eating oats, there are still a very small number of people with coeliac disease who may still be sensitive to pure, uncontaminated oat products. With a little research I found that 74% of 'Coeliac Society' members said they would eat out at least every two weeks if there were safer gluten free restaurants available. These people eat out with a minimum of two other people, average spend of £20 per head providing a huge untapped market.

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