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Facts About Milk Allergy


Milk allergy is common among infants and young children. Today is has become a reality for millions of people. Many young children outgrow an allergy to milk within the first 10 years of their lives. However, some will remain at risk for the rest of their lives. Milk allergy is due to a reaction to milk protein usually from cow's milk.

Symptoms of Milk Allergy

A reaction to milk can happen instantly or within a couple of hours depending on the person's sensitivity. The following symptoms can occur after consuming milk or any milk related products.  A person with a milk allergy can suffer from any of these symptoms, runny nose, itchy skin, rash, coughing, inflammation of the skin etc.

Where can you find milk?

Milk pop's up in many foods including cheese, chocolate, desserts, gravy, stock cubes, the list is endless. If you suffer from milk allergy you have to be a label detective to make sure that the product that you want to eat does not contain milk. Other names for milk include; whey, lactate, lactose, casein, rennet, there are many more names that you will have to become familiar with to avoid hidden milk.

People that suffer from milk allergy, may also need to avoid milk from other animals, including buffalo, goat and sheep. It is worth trying the milk from these other animals but please be aware if case you have a reaction.

I am currently putting together a 'Milk Allergy Report', which you will be able to download from our website, very soon.

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